1.  Inerrancy, Finality and Authority of the Scriptures.
2.  Creation of Man by the direct act of God.
3.  Total Depravity of human nature and the necessity of regeneration.
4.  The Virgin Birth and absolute deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.
5.  The Saviour's vicarious (suffered by one on behalf of another) atonement of the sins of the whole world.
6.  The believer's baptism and the symbalism of the ordinances.
7.  A regenerate, independent and autonomous local assembly.
8.  Complete competence of every soul before God:  The priesthood of the believer;  The perseverance of the saints.
9.  Religious liberty:  The right of every man to worship God according to his conscience.
10.  Complete separation of Church and state.
11.  The imminent, literal, premillenial second coming of Christ.
12.  A literal and everlasting Heaven for the saved and hell for the lost (from the angels in Heaven rejoicing to the rich man in hell)
13.  Two resurrections, two judgments  1st: Judgement seat of Christ - 2nd:  Great White Throne judgment.
14.  Missions - both foreign and local according to the Great Commission. 







  Service Times
  9:30 am - Sunday School
  10:30 am - Worship Service
  7:00 pm - Bible Study and
                  Prayer Service